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OLM to PST Converter Tool to Fix Conversion Problem of MAC Outlook 2011 to Outlook 2013/2007/2010/2003 & Office 365
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"I used this OLM File Exporter tool and got great result! This OLM to PST converter software is very nice and works efficiently. Great tool for converting MAC Outlook to Windows Outlook application"

Jennifer Catty, Florida USA
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OLM to PST Converter Tool to Convert OLM File to PST File

Do you have Mac OS? Do you often require to transfer your Mac data to Windows n? If yes, try the free OLM to PST demo version. It is an ultimate tool that proficiently transfers the selected OLM file data to PST format quickly and easily. OLM converter has many incredible features to allow you to share your Mac files with Windows. It converts not only emails of OLM but also its other data like contacts, calendars and notes efficiently. It is a high end tool. It takes care of formatting of the transferred mails. After having successful conversion of OLM files into PST files, there will be no chance of losing the originality of each email content and attachments. It supports successful export of OLM files with Unicode character.

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Key features of Outlook for MAC OLM to PST Converter Tool

  • OLM to PST Conversion tool supports swiftly transfers the targeted OLM file data like emails, calendar events and email addresses.
  • The high end tool preserves the original structure of OLM files after conversion
  • OLM File Converter is capable of preserving message attachments and gives a special care to nested messages.
  • Double-byte characters and non-English content are efficiently preserved by the OLM converter
  • The software merges different locations of calendar events from OLM to convert them into one strong PST calendar events
  • OLM to PST software gives freedom to users to save the transferred OLM files to PST format
  • The powerful tool easily handles a large number of OLM files and able to transfer these files one by one or at a time to save quality time of users
  • It is a self-descriptive program, doesn’t require special technical to handle its features

Get the free trial offers of an extra-ordinary tool, OLM to PST Converter, to closely examine the efficacy of the software. It has many incredible features that make conversion process easy and interesting. A few simple clicks require you to follow. OLM to PST Conversion tool has resolved the problem of sharing Mac data to Windows. It is one of the most essential tools for IT companies where both Mac and Windows are used. With the help of the converter, Mac users don’t get problem in sharing OLM files data such as emails, calendar events and contact address. 

OLM to PST Fast and Accurate Conversion

OLM to OLM is a top quality program to migrate Mac files into Windows files. It is a self-description tool that takes less time to convert OLM files to PST format. Mac is one of the best creations of Apple Inc. It has many incredible features that tech savvies like most. But when it comes to share the Mac data with Windows, it seems impossible. Mac supports OLM file storage format whereas Windows supports PST file format. To Share the data of Mac to Windows, it demands conversion of OLM files to PST files. Therefore, OLM to PST tool is developed by some extremely professional software engineers. The tool has many incredible features.

Fast and Easy Conversion

OLM to PST program provides fast and easy conversion of OLM data to PST format. A few simple clicks of the software provide fast conversion. It doesn’t need technical assistance to handle its features.

Preserve Attachments and Non-English Content

The modern tool preserves OLM email attachments to provide safe and accurate conversion. It also preserves Unicode characters during conversion process.

Safe Conversion

It is a trustable tool to provide safe and accurate conversion. No formatting and structure of content are changed during and after migration. You can rely on the program for important OLM files transaction.

Merge Calendar folders and Contact Folders

OLM to PST Conversion pro has capacity to merge many calendar folders of OLM into one strong calendar folder of PST. The software merges many OLM contact folders into one PST contact folder without any problem.

Various Saving Options

The software offers to save the converted OLM files to PST.

Download Free Trial of OLM to PST Converter Tool

Free trial facility for OLM to Personal Storage Table software is available. Those who are interested to buy the software can check its trial version to closely examine the efficiency of the tool. Before you purchase the full version, we offer you download the trial version of this smart software so that you can evaluate its features. The trial version allows you to examine the features of the software closely. It works like the full version of OLM to PST but prevents you to save the converted OLM files.

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